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Elementary School developing their critical thinking skills

The Garrett A. Morgan Elementary School
creates an environment that strives to educate the whole child. We are committed to ensuring that our students are productive global citizens by developing their critical thinking skills. We are solution-orientated and find ways to educate the most neediest of children.

How We Roll This Is How We Roll

In a time where families are looking for the best institution for the child, we create programs that meet the needs of our students. Families that have had difficulties finding the “best fit” for their child, have come to love and recommend our school. We believe that we can find the best way to educate any child.

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creates an environment best way to educate


Since kindergarten my daughter has had amazing teachers who do look out for their kids. My daughter has since been in advanced reading and math. I’m grateful for her teachers.

Parent of 3rd grade student

I love how the teachers communicate with parents.

Parent of third grade student

I like the school now because my son has a good teacher.

Mother of a third grade student

I like the teachers. The teachers in the school are awesome and their after-school is good. They have great teachers. Since my kids have started there I love the teachers.

Parent of first grade student

What I like about PS 132 is the lock down procedure when there is a child missing or violence activity outside the building.

Parent of 1st, 2nd, 3rd grader

I send my child to PS 132 because it is the nearest school and my other children finished this school with success. They have good teachers that care about the children.

Parent of 1st grade student

I am registering my daughter for kindergarten. My older son attended PS 132x from kindergarten to fifth grade. My son always liked his teachers.

Mother of incoming kindergarten student

A Note of Gratitude…

Hi Dr. Hunter & Dr. Reilly,

Thanks for inviting me to participate in such an awesome event… A time to encourage our youth. I’m truly blessed to have been able to give back a token of knowledge to those awesome scholars of yours.

Please extend a heartfelt Thank You to the staff, they were quite engaging. Their job really is not an easy one and they are to be commended. Again, I say Thank You! Keep up the good work.


Georgia Reynolds, RN, C-Efm

Career Day Participant, Nurse

Dr. Hunter & Dr. Reilly,

I would love to say Thank You both, once again, for the invite to your successful career day. I humbly appreciate… We want our youths to grow up knowing that we truly care for them!

Marc A. Jefferies, Photographer

Career Day Participant, Photography


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    Fathers, Bring your Child to School Day

  • Oct 31

    Character Day





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  • Welcome Principal Claudine Galbraith

    Welcome Principal Claudine Galbraith

    Dear Parents/Guardians:   I would like to introduce myself to you as the new Principal and welcome the opportunity that has been offered to me...

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