P.S. 132 / Garrett A. Morgan School

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is school open today?

      You may call 311 for the latest school openings and closings.

    2. What are the official start and end times for school?

      School begins promptly at 8:00 am and ends at 2:20.

    3. How can I give a message to the teacher?

      You may send a note in your child’s book bag or request an appointment through our parent coordinator, Mrs. Rodriguez, for our Tuesday parent engagement sessions 2:20- 3:00 pm.

    4. What is for breakfast/lunch?

      You may access the following link for the monthly breakfast and lunch menu: http://www.schoolfoodnyc.org/schoolfood/MenusDailyDisplay.aspx

    5. What time is breakfast?

      Breakfast begins promptly at 7:20 am and ends at 7:50 am.

    6. When is the trip for my child’s class?

      Please peruse the monthly school calendar located on this website.

    7. What is the dress code?

      We are a uniform school and students are required to wear Khaki Pants/skirt/jumper, golden yellow polo shirts, and a hunter green Sweater/vest.

    8. How can I become a volunteer?

      The principal needs to nominate you and with an approved background check you may begin.

    9. Can I visit my child’s class?

      Yes, with the approval from the principal or assistant principal.

    10. What are additional programs my child will be a part of this year?

      All of the students receive a healthy snack twice a week in grades pre-k to 5. In addition, our second graders are part the cook shop program.

    11. Will my child receive instruction in the arts?

      Yes, all of the students will receive art class, dance class and drama. This will take place at different times in the school year.

    12. What other instructional opportunities will my child be involved in?

      In addition to the core subjects like reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Your child will be involved in service projects that is part of our push for global education. Select students will also be involved in learning another language.

    13. What after school or extracurricular activities are available for my child?

      Leap, and Ready Set Learn are two organizations we work with that provide afterschool services.. They are available after 2:20 p.m.

    14. What are some of the school’s core belief?

      The school had three core beliefs about how students learn.

      1. Students learn best working in small groups.

      2. Students must engage in meaningful discussions about what they are learning.

      3. Students must engage in cognitively challenging tasks. We stress the importance of “Minds On” learning. This involves learning activities that require students to activate their critical thinking skills. 

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