P.S. 132 / Garrett A. Morgan School

What Parents Are Saying About P.S. 132

  • I like the school now because my son has a good teacher.

    Mother of a third grade student

  • I love how the teachers communicate with parents.

    Parent of third grade student

  • He has learned a lot!

    Parent of second grade student

  • I like the teachers. The teachers in the school are awesome and their after-school is good. They have great teachers.
    Since my kids have started there I love the teachers.

    Parent of first grade student

  • What I like about PS 132 is the lock down procedure when there is a child missing or violence
    activity outside the building.

    Parent of 1st, 2nd, 3rd grader

  • I send my child to PS 132x because of the staff. They are great and they really care about the children.
  • I send my child to PS 132 because it is the nearest school and my other children finished this school with success.
    They have good teachers that care about the children.

    Parent of 1st grade student

  • Since kindergarten my daughter has had amazing teachers who do look out for their kids.
    My daughter has since been in advanced reading and math. I’m grateful for her teachers.

    Parent of 3rd grade student

  • I am registering my daughter for kindergarten. My older son attended PS 132x from kindergarten to fifth grade.
    My son always liked his teachers.

    Mother of incoming kindergarten student

  • I am registering my daughter for kindergarten. Her sister went to PS 132 and her teacher was very patient with her
    and listened to her.

    Mother of incoming kindergarten student

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