P.S. 132 / Garrett A. Morgan School

Our Programs

At PS 132, we have taken into consideration child development and created an instructional program that couples core subject areas with contemporary courses, such as art and dance.  

In partnership with a company called Pitops, coding classes are offered to our students. In this class they will learn the language of coding and get a chance to apply it while simultaneously building a motherboard for laptops. With a hands-on approach, they will gain a better understanding of coding because they get to see the fruits of their labor!

Our curriculum is purposefully designed to ignite your child’s creative nature. The courses will encourage students to expand their minds, push past boundaries and deepen their imagination. Our dance classes cover various forms such as African, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, and more. Our arts program will take their visual arts skills to another level along with our Reader’s Theater Program which helps students’ to maximize their fluency, articulation, and self-expression in an un-intimidating setting.

As your child travels down the hallways and sees the various representations of colleges and universities, they will be immersed in our college and career readiness initiative. Our goal is to bring the reality of college to our students’ everyday life, and to foster their dreams of seeing themselves in an institution of higher education. This is achieved by classrooms being named after different colleges and universities, going on field trips, and by hosting guest speakers from various careers and institutions of learning throughout the school year.

Our mission here, at PS 132, is to ensure that your child has the desire and ability to become a productive global citizen that is capable of participating and taking care of the world in which we live because they understand their vital role in it. We work to align our students’ thinking with the United Nations twelve sustainable goals to produce a global perspective. We are passionate about growing our student’s capacity to be aware of the world around them and issues of hunger, poverty, social justice, water sustainability, and more. We encourage our students to view humanity as one big family, so they feel inclined to participate in taking care of our Earth’s resources and cultivate sustainability for the future generations.


Ms. Rigby’s Dance Class



Mrs. Moore’s Coding Class


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