P.S. 132 / Garrett A. Morgan School

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Dr. Anissa Reilly

Dr. Anissa Reilly


My name is Anissa Reilly, and I have the awesome privilege of being the principal of this wonderful institution of learning.

Please know that The Garrett A. Morgan Elementary School is a place where children’s imaginations and creative energy are unleashed. Garrett A. Morgan, whom the school was named after, was an inventor and created products that have helped the world many times over. His legacy lives on! Keeping in line with his legacy, we provide opportunities for students to think critically and to solve real world problems. We want them to know and understand that at their young age, they can make a difference in the world. We instill in them what it means to have excellent character as we help to develop their intestinal fortitude. Immersing them in the nuances of the 21st century, exposing them to global education, and creating the reality that they can and will attend college encompasses our overarching goals.

To drive this home, we have coined the phrase,
“We are the solution!”

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you as we educate your child’s young inquisitive mind. We are grateful that you are a part