P.S. 132 / Garrett A. Morgan School

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Shanti Thomas

Assistant Principal


My name is Shanti Thomas and in my role as an Assistant Principal, if I consistently and effectively engage in practice that will strengthen my roles and responsibilities under the realm of Professional Development, Culture, Community, Compliance, Parental Support and Engagement, and Data Analysis, the impact on teachers, students and the PS 132x community will be measured and evidenced

  • Teacher leaders/teams who not only build their own capacity, but that of colleagues.
  • Teachers’ consistent use and analysis of data, in the preparation and delivery of intentional lessons.
  • Professional development experiences that not only provide content knowledge and support of best pedagogical practices but experiences that will develop and nurture our entire staff into a true learning community.
  • Students being well versed on college and careers with the ability to articulate their specific college and career desires (at the moment).
  • Bulletin boards (inside and outside of classrooms) displayed with work that reflect the accomplishments and pride of students.
  • Parents being participants and facilitators of activities that celebrate their students, both individually and collectively.
  • Compliance items being adhered to and deadlines met.